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Karzai statement: Key quotes

3 novembre 2009
The main excerpts from Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s news conference, a day after his re-election was announced following a drawn-out election process marred by fraud.
Fonte: BBC,

Afghanistan has been seriously discredited by administrative corruption. Our government has been seriously discredited by administrative corruption. We will try to remove this stigma from our soil and our country in any possible way.


Our government will be a national partnership government. All Afghans, who have the ability and desire, can work in our government. Our government will be the mirror of Afghanistan, where all Afghans will see themselves represented and it will be a mirror where effectiveness, efficiency and service to the people will clearly be seen.


I and my dear colleagues knew that had I been declared the winner in the first round… it would not have been to the interest of Afghanistan’s well-being and our government would have not been legitimate.


Our relations with neighbours in the region will be warm and friendly and… our relations with the world, especially with America, will be strengthened.


We will make efforts that, God willing, full and nationwide peace comes to the country as soon as possible and we call on our Taliban brothers to come home and embrace their land and we will ask the international community for assistance and co-ordination in this respect once again.

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